Our client feedback

Michelle Cunningham
You fu----' ROCK!!! You are an entertainer...but your voice....has healing energy..ms ma'am! I always FEEL something when you sing. Powerful Emotional Healing!! What a gift!!

Much love, Dorothy
OK, can I just say that you and your group were absolutely freaking amazing. Honestly, Patrice, your website does not do you justice. Don't get me wrong, it's good...but you are so much better....truly top drawer. Everyone, and I mean everyone (including the uptight classical musicians) asked...'where did you get that band?' These are hard times for musicians but I have a strong feeling that you will survive all...can't thank you enough...please, please send kudos on to everyone in your band. As promised, I will send along pics as I get them.

A fan from Russia, Alexander
Dear Patrice and the Show, I attended Jason?s wedding on Nov 6, 2010. I was a guest from Russia. I thought I was watching a broadway production. I have never seen a band perform like this before. Loved every minute of your performance.. Loved your rendition of the Little Mermaid, Loved it when you involved the groom on the James Brown tune and your male vocalist?s rendition of Shout was so memorable..What a fun, interactive band!!. Awesome band!!

Melissa and David
Dear Patrice, We knew you had energy and talent after seeing you at your showcase, but it was amazing to see how this translated into getting the whole party up on the dance floor. So many people came up to us and our parents to say that this was one of the most fun weddings they had ever been to and we know that is in no small part due to Patrice and the Show. We really loved the surprises throughout the night that kept the crowd energized. Even our dad's friend who never dances was on the floor. Thank you so much for making our wedding a night to remember.

Sincerely, Amanda & Chris
Dear Patrice, I don't know how to thank you and the rest of?Patrice and the Show?enough for making our wedding so amazing! Chris and I have not stopped talking about how much fun we had. We have received so many phone calls and emails about how great our wedding was! So many of our guests said it was the most fun wedding they had ever attended! I knew the day was going to be great when you sang our first song so beautifully. Your voice filled me with joy. Our dance floor was packed all night with people of all ages and all dancing abilities! No one was left out. So thank you for helping us begin our lives together with such an amazing celebration! Don't be surprised if you receive requests from our guests for their next event; including my own family! My younger sister is getting married in October 2012 !!! Thanks again!

Shira and Justin
Patrice and the Show did such an incredible job throughout the entire wedding. I loved their energy and their ability to incorporate us as well as the rest of our guests into singing with the band. They brought an incredible energy to our wedding and kept everyone feeling alive. It was so comforting to know that I didn't have to worry about them. They just took the lead and made it special for us. All of my family and friends commented on how amazing they were. I am so happy that they were my band, and will continue to recommend them to anyone for a wedding or other special event or occasion. Thank you so much for making our wedding day so incredible.

All the Best, Vanessa
Patrice, On behalf of myself and my husband, I wanted to thank you for your AMAZING performance. I have never been told by so many different people how much they loved our band and had wished they had you for their weddings. What impressed me the most was the flow of the evening, I have been to so many weddings where the band will play too many slow songs or not have a feel for what people want. Patrice, you kept the entire evening perfect, knowing exactly when to play what music. It was seamless and seemed effortless. I also wanted to thank you for being so concerned about my event, you listened and accommodated so many of my requests that the night of the event I felt like there was nothing else that I could have asked for. THANK YOU again. It was phenomenal!

Melissa & Ross
Thank you, thank you for helping to make our wedding amazing. We just returned from our honeymoon and have been bombarded with emails from friends and family saying how incredible the band was. They did a great job of keeping everyone going and happy- everyone from our two year old second cousin to eighty year old Grandma danced all night long. The most incredible thing is that while the band was exceptionally fun, they were never cheesy. Their tone and energy matched the moment and the song perfectly every time. I'd also like to thank Patrice for being patient with me. I emailed a lot of questions, and she replied with swift professionalism to each one. She made me feel very relaxed and comfortable working for the band. Thanks again. It was wonderful!

Toni and Joe
Dear Patrice, We attended the Myro wedding at the Hilton in Cherry Hill, NJ a few weeks ago. We are still talking about how outstanding?Patrice and the Show is!?As we told you at the time, the level of talent of the band members is exceptional. We felt as if we were attending a concert with the ability to dance and join in the fun! We look forward to enjoying Patrice and the Show again in the future.

Rebecca & Christian
There aren't enough words to describe what an absolutely fantastic performance Patrice and the Show?gave at our reception!! They were phenomenal!! I have dreamed of having a band perform at my wedding reception for years, and yet Patrice and the band far exceeded my expectations. The dance floor was packed the entire night, and nobody wanted the party to end! We have heard dozens of kudos from our guests since the reception... everyone was blown away!! Several months ago, I read the "Things that can kill a party" on the web. I think one item on the list must be updated: "when the bar is outside the main room"....this definitely does not kill a party if?Patrice and the Show?is on stage in the main room!!! Also amazing was the choice of songs played throughout the evening, from cocktail hour to the last dance, perfect! I knew that Patrice and the Show was a group of professionals, so I was not at all concerned that I offered very little input in terms of song selection, as a matter of fact, I didn't even provide a "do not play" list! Several guests have since attempted to credit me with song selection, but, again, all the credit belongs to Patrice and the Show. Finally, I'd just like to add that among our guests were several very talented musicians -- all of whom were awestruck listening to Patrice and the Show! I actually saw open mouthed stares! There were even several rounds of applause during dinner! Thank you so much to?Patrice and?the Show?for making our wedding day truly a dream come true! Bravo!!!

Dear Patrice, Where do I begin, You guys were absolutely amazing! I have been to many weddings and have heard many bands but Patrice and the Show are the most entertaining, interactive band I have ever seen. You guys kept the crowd dancing all night long.

Kerry, Downingtown, PA
Patrice and the Show made our wedding!?The food and location were great, but nothing spells party like Patrice and the Show.?They had the entire 250 person wedding up on their feet dancing the whole night with their unstoppable energy.?Every wedding that we have been to since, people still notice and tell us that our band was the best.

Chris and Rachel
Patrice and The Show ROCKED!!! Everyone kept asking us about them and saying they were the best band they have heard. Our friends and family loved how interactive they were with our group and how nicely they read the crowd. We couldnt have asked for a better experience!! Thank you

We have been to a few other weddings since ours and your band,Patrice and the Show, was by far the best! My husband and I think the band is what really made the wedding great! If I know of any other friends getting married or having big events, you can guarantee that I will forward your information along.

Maria Hernandez
Patrice, I just wanted to tell you what a fabulous job you and Patrice and the Show did at Lloyd and Tina's wedding last weekend. All of our guests were raving about the band and how involved you made everyone. We all had an fantastic time and you were a big reason why.

With good thoughts, Diane B.
Hi Patrice, I am the Mother of the bride .Just wanted you to know how fabulous you guys were. The band is the most important factor after the bride and groom. The bride and groom were happy and gracious to all their guests. And the band was FANTASTIC! You read the crowd well and at all times you were tuned into?Rachel and Kris approval and requests.?The crowd hasn't stopped calling and complementing your band. Most of our New York crowd?commented you were the best band they heard in a long time! And you know us New Yorkers always have something to say. Soft music, great dancing music, fun music?the bottom line?WONDERFUL singing and Music. The Bride and Groom sure knew the best when they selected you.I couldn't have been happier! My sincere complements and thanks for a wonderful evening

Patrice, I just wanted to tell you what a fabulous job you and Patrice and the Show did at Chris and Tina's wedding last weekend. All of our guests were raving about the band and how involved you made everyone. We all had a fantastic time and you were a big reason why.

Kristin, NJ
This is the band you have been searching for! Patrice and her band are nothing short of spectacular. They played a 70?s themed disco party for us, and it was such a great night! It was a pleasure to work with Patrice. She and the band were organized, and fully responsive and engaged in the planning of the event. She is timely with replies, and I went into the event with a lot of confidence that they were prepared, which makes it so much easier on the party planner. They arrived with a full set of highly professional equipment, the group was cohesive and had great talent, and the sound engineering and videography were excellent. Their performance was so engaging; they had the whole room on their feet all night. Stop searching, this is the band you?ve been looking for!

Georgette McAllister-Murphy
Patrice and the Show was by far the best decision we made for our wedding day. My husband and I went to so many showcases of large production companies trying to sell one of their 10+ band groups. Something just didn't feel right as we wanted less cheesy sales and just a true talented band who was all about the music and performance and not the marketing. We came across Patrice and the Show at a friends wedding and hired them right away. Words cannot express the level of talent this group has... We had relatives from Chicago and New York get their information to have them perform at their family weddings and events. As you can imagine, New York and Chicago have many talented groups but the fact that we have people from our wedding hiring this group speaks volumes about their talent! I have heard many bands perform but none can compare to the level of not only talent but entertainment this group possesses. My biggest advice to future couples is the music is by far the most important part of making your wedding day special and memorable!!! We had everyone to my 15 year old cousins and my 80 year grandmother and everyone in between dancing the entire time! Their genre of music is out of this world! Go check out this band, you will not regret it!!